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    The real estate industry is built on the power to predict property values. With sea levels on the rise, smart investors are thinking about how to integrate climate science into real estate projections. Complex algorithms and regression models are nothing new to developers and brokerage firms but the rapidly evolving data ecosystem offers breakthrough opportunities in resiliency marketing, valuation and forecasting.

    In Miami, investors are starting to look inland for property deals on higher ground. According to a New York Times article by Ian Urbina, “home sales in flood-prone areas grew about 25% less quickly than in counties that do not typically flood.” To get in front of the wave, real estate investors and appraisers need to regularly update their forecasting models and integrate new environmental and quality of life data sets. Third party data can be expensive but as municipal governments embrace open data policies, costs may go down.

    Today, no fewer than 85 cities across the U.S. have developed open data portals that include data on everything from traffic speed to air quality to SAT results. Real estate professionals are using data to do more than just climate-proof their portfolios. With high-powered business intelligence tools, businesses can turn this rich raw data into better insights on:

    Home Valuation

    Zillow, an online real estate marketplace is leading the charge on better home valuation data models. The company’s ‘zestimate’ tool is a one-click home value estimator based on 7.5 million statistical and machine learning models that analyze hundreds of data points on each property. Now, they’ve launched a $ 1 million dollar prize competition calling on data scientists to create models that outperform the current Zestimate algorithm.


    According to the lo top sneakers Black Philipp Plein Feiav1MdX
    , in 1960, single-person households made up about 13% of all American households. Now, that number has jumped to 28% of all American households. Additionally, a survey by ATUS cited in a Fast Company article by Lydia Dishman revealed that the number of people working from home increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015. The rapid rate of technological change means a constant shift in social and cultural norms. The micro-apartment trend and the new WeLive residential project from WeWork are signs of changing times. For developers, the deluge of data being created by millennials provides incredible insight into the needs and desires of tomorrow’s homebuyers.

    Judges and Courts
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    Posted: Jun 28, 2018 2:05 PM
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    UPDATE - I just spoke to a source with knowledge of this process (remember, I've been writing and talking about Kennedy's likely retirement for months) and asked about the Barnes/Ponnuru list mentioned in the post below. Are those five names really the finalists? My source cautioned that with President Trump, anything is possible and that things can always change -- then stated that based on the information to which this person has access at this stage, the very likely answer is 'yes.' What degree of confidence does my source have that the final nominee will, in fact, emerge from those five? "Pretty high." As a point of reference, this individual was also correct about the two finalists in the running prior to the Gorsuch announcement. So consider this new information, for what it's worth, with that context in mind.


    ORIGINAL POST - Despite a series of important classic shorts Grey Thom Browne RrHrOZjE
    handed down over recent days and weeks, the biggest Supreme Court news of the term came after the final decision was released: Anthony Kennedy, often regarded as the Court's swing vote, is retiring. Regular readers will recall that my sources and FOOTWEAR Sandals Giannico 5ez4FkMP
    had been Womens Footwear Dress Active Trainers Guess VEfk0sw
    to that effect for many months; I'm told that Justice Kennedy began telling a small circle of people about his final decision several weeks ago. The SCOTUS vacancy has huge implications -- on the direction of constitutional jurisprudence, on the ideological makeup of the Court (conservatives are hoping for a more reliable fifth vote), on the political climate in Washington (the Left is digging in for a bloody battle ), and on the midterm elections (this news, and the fight ahead, represent an instant GOP base motivator, highlighting an issue of upmost importance to many right-leaning voters ). I'd like to address a number of elements of the Kennedy retirement earthquake, starting with President Trump's replacement options. The White House has confirmed that the next nominee will be drawn from Mens Straight Fit Jeans Grey Grau 089 coated grey 36/36 Brand size 36/36 Esprit ih6i9
    , which has broadly been praised by conservative Court-watchers. This same pledge was fulfilled with flying colors with the elevation of Neil Gorsuch, and allies are hoping that Trump hits his second home run on this essential, legacy-making front. The roster features roughly two dozen names, several of which jump out at me. This is pure speculation, but I'd guess that Trump is being counseled -- and may be naturally inclined, guided by some of his political instincts -- to select a woman or person of color this time. Identity politics are anathema, but such factors sometimes play a significant role in shaping optics. Do optics really matter on this issue? Technically no, but with an extremely closely divided Senate, there's little margin for error.